Don’t disturb mode in Android

Now a days I am using Android. One of the good feature which I like is ‘don’t disturb’ mode in Android 6. This feature is so powerful that you can set almost all combinations to meet your specific needs. I like greater control over this feature while I am working or at night.

The basic thing is you can make your phone silent with great control. There are three modes of this feature. ‘Priority’, ‘Alarm Only‘ and ‘Complete Silence’. In ‘Complete Silence’ mode your phone will not make sound and vibration at all. In ‘Alarm Only’ mode your phone will notify you only if there is an alarm. In ‘Priority’ mode, you can set your priorities. Like you can set that only if specific person will call you then the phone will notify you. All other things like SMS, emails, shopping and news apps, twitter are all remain silent. You can also set that the people who are in your contact list, if they call you then the phone will notify you. You can select apps as priority so that specific app’s notification come. All the other things will be silent.

You can set time period for ‘don’t disturb’ mode. For example I like to keep my phone silent at night but only some specific person call me then it will notify me. Any unknown person call me at night then my phone will be silent. My phone automatically goes into ‘don’t disturb’ mode at 11PM and comes out at 7 AM. Maybe there is an emergency and some one wants to call you and your phone is in ‘don’t disturb’ mode. There is a setting which I really like, if an unknown person calls you two times in between 15 minutes then your phone will notify you.

In my opinion ‘don’t disturb’ mode in Android 6 is a fine feature which let you concentrate on your work properly by not disturbing you and user can get deep control to customize this.

One last but very important point to understand is that, in ‘don’t disturb’ mode your phone will not block any incoming traffic, it only stays silent depending on your settings.


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