SwiftKey keyboard

Mobile devices are becoming so powerful now a days that we have almost a mini computer in our pocket. Many people are productive on mobile devices. Still computer is better in case of productivity but mobile devices have a very unique feature and that is we can work on the go.

One of the finest tool in mobile productivity is SwiftKey keyboard. This is better than Google keyboard because the prediction and autocorrect functionality works just amazing. It keeps learning while you are using it. It can learn from your online account like Google and twitter.

Some of the good feature which I like is:

  1. It has good prediction and autocorrect feature.
  2. Keyboard can be resized. If you have small hand then you can resize that to be comfortable.
  3. There are many more skins with which keyboard look and feel can be changed.
  4. You can type with swipe.

You can download it for Android and iOS from corresponding app stores. It saves a lot of my typing time daily. I recommend this to all Android and iOS users.

Read more about SwiftKey Keybord in their official website.


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