Product review on internet

Internet has changed the way we shop new products. In old age we usually depends on company advertisement and some offline people reviews. But we all know that advertisement is a little biased by company and company creates the advertisement to sell the product. To know actually about the product we need review by actual users. Actual users review was limited without internet. But now a days with internet we have the opportunity to get actual user review very easily. There are many forums where you can get actual user reviews. The online shopping websites also publish certified buyer’s reviews. After buying a product you can also write your review to online forums or your shopping website on that particular product page.

Few days ago when I was looking for a good Android phone for myself, I also trying to find actual user reviews on the Internet. I read many good websites including Flipkart and Amazon. Also I found some good video review channel on YouTube. One of the best channel was MKBHD. MKBHD videos was really good and the editing was very good quality. I was thinking about, what if there are any Indian people with this kind of review videos on YouTube! Then I found another channel named geekyranjeet. This man is an Indian and from Hyderabad, publishing videos everyday from Monday to Friday. I found good review contents from these two channels which helps me a lot to select a good Android phone.

Soon after I was trying to understand these people’s life and what they are doing to help users on the Internet. They are doing gadget review full time. After that I am following them and try to find more people like them to understand their work.

If you are planning to buy gadget please follow them. They are working hard and needs our support to continue with their good work. You can get good quality no biased product review.

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