Automate life with IFTTT

​I wrote about IFTTT before. It is one of my favorite service on internet. We all use many services on the internet. It is always good if we can connect those services together. Yesterday I was playing with various recipes in IFTTT. Some are those I fond very useful for my Android phone. 

First I have installed the IFTTT and IFTTT Do button Android app from Google Play Store. Then I have connected the services like email, android phone call and SMS, so that I can connect them together. 

Some of the favorite recipes which I find useful for myself is, weather report for every morning at 6 AM, send a quick text to my family member, wish first to my family members on their birthday and anniversary, let spouse know that I am returning from work etc. Some of these I am using daily now. 

IFTTT recipes

The idea is very straightforward, if you find yourself to do repetitive work daily, you can automate that with IFTTT. For example, I used to text my family members everyday when I am returning from work. I can automate this with IFTTT. The possibilities are endless. You can take inbuilt recipes and also can create your own. 
Let me know what recipes you are using to automate your life?  


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