Just 24 hrs in a day

Everyday we need to do many things like our work and personal things. But time is finite for a day with 24 hours. It is a common problem for everyone to manage time efficiently in those 24 hours. I hear people tell that, so many tasks to do and so little time and how to manage time etc. It is hard to manage time and our own workflow in just 24 hours. Sometimes we sleep less, give less time to family and remove low priority tasks.

I am getting very less time for my blogging. I end up with more twitting and less blogging. If you are a technical blogger like me then you find that it takes good amount of time to invest on it. First you need to select your subject of writing, then you need some preparation and create your sample codes before the actual writing. After writing you need to review and finally post the article. So the bottom line is that it takes time to complete the article.

Twitter is fine for really short updates. But some times I need more to say rather than very short updates. In those cases a blog post is preferable. So now a days I am trying to write short blog posts just to give an update but which is bigger than a tweet. It helps me invest less time in blogging. Like while I am going to office I can create a short blog post. But at the time of in-depth technical writing still I need to invest good amount of time. There is no shortcut of that. In this way I can try to create at least two short blog posts in a week depending on how many things I have to share.

Please let me know about your blogging schedule in comment section.


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