Email vs messenger

Today I saw a blog post from ‘office blog’  about future workplace productivity. In that post there are couple of sections. Every sections are talking about today’s work approach and how it is changing towards future approach. For example today business communications are mainly done with email. In future it will be done with messengers. Second example is, today we use mostly office for work. In future we will see more remote work habits. Third is about cubicles and open floor plan.

I think communication with email will not going to die in recent future. I am giving two reasons here.

  1. Messengers are good for one time chatting on a particular topic. We cannot talk in parallel topic in messenger. It have linear communication mode. Email has parallel communication mode. I can send you five different emails with five different subjects as some tasks to do for you. This five emails will stay unread in your inbox and it is hard to miss one of them for you. But if I send five tasks to you in messenger then it will store one on another and may be you missed one of them.
  2. While chatting with messenger we expect the other parties to be online and ready to reply. But email is more asynchronous. Though not technically true but the expectation of messenger chatting is much more synchronous than email. I can send you an email today and you can reply me back tomorrow and it is ok with me.

What you think, please tell me in comment section.


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