Connect Google and Outlook calendar

I was searching for some good solution for personal automation for sometime now. I am using IFTTT for some of them. But for a specific scenario I was failed with IFTTT.

I am an Android user. Google Assistant is built in there. It only works with Gmail and Google calendar. My personal email and calendar is on So I can’t use Google Assistant to check my calendar events in my Android mobile device. I tried to do this with IFTTT but failed. It can’t connect with calendar with Google calendar.

Another nice automation service isMicrosoft Flow. It is less mature than IFTTT but I found exactly what I was finding. It has a template to connect calendar with Google calendar. I have added two temples. One for create new event in Google calendar from calendar and another is for vice versa. So now I can create new calendar events from desktop Outlook and check with Google Assistant or create calendar events with Google Assistant and can see that in Outlook. Nice integration.


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