Blog vs website

There are two things of how people use with their online presence. One is only blog website, and another is personal website.

Personal website is a superset of only blog website. It can have blog, about, contact and any other page as required. If you a book writer, then you can create a separate page in your personal website which shows your books or if you have a podcast then there can be a page for podcast details. So, the idea is personal website can have many things which describe you. People can see total information from your personal website.

On the other hand, blog website has just a blog page where people can read your blog posts in reverse chronological order. It can have an about and contact page as well. Blog usually has links to other websites (blogroll) where people can access other information about you.

Currently I use for just my blog posts. You can find links in my blog website to access my other information for example LinkedIn, Twitter etc.


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