Google Duplex

Every year Google conduct a conference event for developers called Google I/O. In that they announce new upcoming Google products, services and APIs for developers, consumers and businesses. This year they have shocked the world by showing a demo of Google Duplex. It is still not a final product and they are testing it currently.

Google Duplex is an extension of Google Assistant which can call a service behalf of you over phone and notify you about the result. For example, if you ask Google Assistant to fix an appointment for restaurant or haircut, then in the background it will call the restaurant or saloon over phone and talk with them naturally to fix an appointment. It also notifies you with the appointment date and time once done.

Google Duplex is a good example of voice recognition and how robot can talk naturally like a human. It is one step further of how much help Google Assistant can do to consumers and businesses. Consumers can fix appointment with Google Duplex asynchronously and business can answer common calls with it.

Now the question is should we be worried about it? Google Assistant can mimic a human voice over the phone and record calls. The human on the other hand of the phone can’t understand that he/she is talking with a robot. I think we need to wait for the answer of that until the final product comes out.

To know more technical details about Google Duplex, please go to the official blog post here.

To see a demo of Google Duplex in this year’s Google I/O, please click here.


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