Why I dislike rainy season

Among all the seasons in India, I really dislike the rainy season most. There are some points for my dislike.

Water logging on road

Generally road condition in India is bad. In the rainy season that become worst. Slow moving traffic for water logging makes us late in every places. The surface of the roads become very much affected because of water.

Water is bad for your home

The build materials of our home such as brick, concrete, iron rod, window wood, iron grills of window etc become affected because of water in rainy season.

Be careful about infection

The chances of infection increases during rainy season. We should take care of hygiene in every places like food, cloths, living areas etc.


Every year many people dies because of lightening. Electronic items in our home can be damaged during lightening.

Not all things are bad

But not all things are bad of rainy season. Rainy season is necessary to reduce the temperature in hot country like India. It is very important for agricultural work. Last but not least, this is the season of ‘Ilish’ fish which is the most popular fish among Bengalis.

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