We recently have adapted agile approach from waterfall model into our project. Below some of my early experiences during the process change.

There are many items in the backlog sorted by priority (highest priority on top) in the form of user stories which needs to be developed. Sprint is a fixed time period in which development and testing needs to be done of some user stories. In our case the duration of a sprint is two weeks. In this time we need to develop and test some user stories and promote to UAT. The start date of the sprint has a backlog grooming and sprint planning meeting on which scrum master, product owner and the development team put some user stories into sprint from the backlog. The stories should be clear enough to the developers so that they can start developing. The stories need to be short enough to be fit inside a single sprint which is two weeks in our case. During the sprint developers and testers build the functionality of the stories and test that. At the end of the sprint development team shows demo to product owner of the newly developed functionality and gather feedbacks which goes into the backlog. In every sprint the same thing repeats. We are using Jira to manage the backlog, user stories and sprints.

It’s a learning point for me as we changing our approach towards agile.

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