2.0 movie

I recently saw 2.0 movie. This movie is the second part of the famous movie ‘Chitti’. The story is a science friction. The movie is giving a particular message and that is how mobile phone’s signal radiation killing birds.

This subject is something on which lots of research is going on. Lots of discussion is happening specially around 5G rollout. There are lots of debate going on around the fact that, is mobile network is bad for birds or not. But the point which I want to point out here is, there are many situations where operators used to increase signal strength to compete with each other. Some times this goes beyond safe limit. This is bad for not only birds but also human.

We should keep it in our mind that technology is to help us and not for making harm in the environment and other animals. We can’t survive in this world alone. Every animal is essential to keep balance in the environment.

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