In the last month I went to Digha for a very short trip which was only for two days. From childhood I went to Digha many times by bus but this is the first time I use train. Train journey is better than bus.

I took a train from Howrah 6 in the morning which reached Digha by 10. Our hotel was booked which was in the old Digha. After checking in the hotel we took some rest and went to New Digha by Toto (small battery powered car). At the time of return we walked along the sea beach in the evening. Sunset is always mind-blowing in sea.

In the next morning we went to a new beach beside old Digha. Government is doing beautification work along the sea beach from old Digha to Mandarmoni. Also there is work in progress for a beach side road. We took a rental car for Mandarmoni. Mandarmoni is not as crowded as Digha. If you like quite places then Mandarmoni will be good for you. Also the sea beach is very nice there. On that day in the evening we returned by train from Digha to Howrah.

There are some things which I did first time in this trip.

  • I took train to go to Digha.
  • We took an AC room there.
  • Our room’s TV worked.
  • I went to Mandarmoni.
  • We completed Digha trip within only two days.

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