Git tools for Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio is one of the best IDE for developers. It has Git integration through Team Explorer. But Microsoft recently working on Git tools for Visual Studio 2019 which is separate from Team Explorer. It is currently in preview mode.

If you want to use new Git tools for Visual Studio 2019 then you need to enable the preview feature for Git tools from Tools > Options > Environment > Preview Features.

After enabling this, you can see there is a new menu option for Git.

Also there is a new window for Git which you can open from View > Git Window.

In the Git Window you can do most of the basic day to day tasks with Git.

  • See all local and remote branches.
  • Create new branch.
  • Merge and rebase.
  • Fetch, pull and push.
  • Check your change files.
  • Stage your changes and commit.
  • View history of a particular branch.

You can also manage the remotes of the current Git repository from menu Git > Manage Remotes.

If you like to work with Git from command prompt or you can’t find a specific Git option in the Visual Studio Git tools then you can open a command prompt from the Visual Studio as well.

The tools are still in preview and you can hope more features to come in this. You can read the official blog post about this.

Improved Git Experience in Visual Studio 2019

Exciting new updates to the Git experience in Visual Studio

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