Containerized .NET app

Create a console app

I have created a new .NET 5 console app.


<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">




using System;

Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

I have published the app in a folder.

In the publish folder I found the below files.

To test the published app, I have opened a terminal and navigate to the published folder and execute below command.

dotnet .\ConsoleApp1.dll

This should print ‘Hello World!’ in the terminal.

Create container image with Docker

I have WSL 2 installed in my Windows 10 machine and I have Ubuntu installed. I have installed Docker desktop for WSL. I have created a new folder ‘ConsoleApp1’ in the Ubuntu home folder and put the published artefacts inside that.

I have opened Widows Terminal and connect Ubuntu Bash with it. Navigate to the ‘ConsoleApp1’ folder. Type code . to open VS Code.

Add a new file with name ‘Dockerfile’ in the folder.

In VS Code write the below code in the Dockerfile.

COPY . ./app
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "ConsoleApp1.dll"]

In the terminal run below command to create a Docker image.

docker build -t 45862391/consoleapp1:v1 .

Check the image successfully created or not.

docker images

To push the image to Docker Hub, run the below command in terminal.

docker push 45862391/consoleapp1:v1

Create a container with Azure Container Instances

Open Azure Portal and create a new Container Instance resource.

After the successful creation of the resource I can check the logs for the output of my console app.

Now my .NET 5 console app is deployed to Azure Container Instance from Docker Hub image.


  1. Create a .NET 5 console app.
  2. Publish it in a folder.
  3. Create a Dockerfile.
  4. Create Docker image and push to Docker Hub.
  5. Create a Azure container instance based on Docker Hub image.

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