Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code for .NET development

Below is some of the differences between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to work with .NET application development.

Visual StudioVisual Studio Code
It is an IDE with great tools support. A lots of work can be done with mouse.It is an light weight editor. Many of the task you need to do from terminal.
Good for the developers who comes from .NET Framework world to .NET Core world.Good for the developers who comes from non .NET (like JavaScript) world to .NET Core world.
Takes big hard disk spaces for installation.Takes small hard disk spaces for installation.
It is in Windows and Mac but both are having different look and feel.Truly cross platform. Same thing can be installed in both Windows and Mac.
Lots of things are abstracted away from you behind the rich tool support.You need to work more closely with the SDK.
Popular in enterprises.Popular in open source world.

Which one you will use depends on your personal preferences.

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