Docker with Azure DevOps

Sample YAML file to build and push Docker image with Azure Pipelines.

- main

  vmImage: ubuntu-latest

  buildConfiguration: 'Release'

- script: dotnet restore
  displayName: 'Restore'

- script: dotnet build -c $(buildConfiguration) --no-restore
  displayName: 'Build'

- script: dotnet test -c $(buildConfiguration) --no-build
  displayName: 'Test'

- script: dotnet publish '[csproj location]' -c $(buildConfiguration) -o '[publish folder]'
  displayName: 'Publish'

- script: docker build -f '[Dockerfile location]' -t [server/image-name:tag] .
  displayName: 'Create docker image'

- script: |
    docker login [server] -u [user name] -p $(ACR-PWD) # This is from pipeline variable
    docker push [server/image-name:tag]
    docker logout [server]
  displayName: 'Push docker image'

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