Registered for ‘Spot The Station’ again

I wrote about International Space Station (ISS) and Spot The Station before. ‘Spot the station’ is a program of NASA to spread the information of ISS to common people. If you register in this program then NASA will send you email notification when ISS will pass over your location. You can watch ISS with your naked eyes in the sky. The registration is for one year. After that you can renew that for another year.

I registered two times from 2015 to 2017 and watch ISS from my location. After that I forgot to renew my registration. I saw a recent tweet which encourage me to register again for the program and I have done it yesterday for coming one year.

For the coming one year whenever ISS will pass over my location, I will get an email notification to watch that. My family members are also like to watch this.

Spot The Station | NASA

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