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Social media declutter

I am currently trying to reduce my social media options. Because I am facing some hard time to manage many different social media. Previously I tried this kind of attempts as well. I am trying to remove LinkedIn and Instagram from my collection.

My public resume is hosted on LinkedIn currently. As an alternative I will use a custom resume page created with GitHub pages. You can also find my linktree here.

I don’t have any alternate plan for Instagram. It will work as an archive for now. No new pictures will be uploaded into there.

For all updates about me, you need to follow this blog and my Twitter. The new changes in Twitter with Elon Musk looks positive to me and I am planning to invest more on it.

Life lessons

There are some life lessons which I learned with experience.

  • If you want to do some good work, then you need to invest for that. Investment can be in terms of money, energy or time (or all of those).
  • Everything has a life time, after that it will go away. As an example, the skills which you have currently, will expire someday and become outdated.
  • The important thing is the ‘journey’ not the ‘destination’.