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Mark all as read in Gmail Android

I can’t understand why Gmail Android app don’t have an option to make all unread emails mark as read at once in the inbox. The only option currently available is to select them one by one and mark those as read. Don’t think that this is because of a technical reason but it is a design decision. Many people use Gmail only on their mobile now a days, this option should be there. I asked them in Twitter before about this but did not get any proper reason.

Microsoft on Android and iOS

We can see that Microsoft is giving importance to Android and iOS platforms. They are building apps for Android and iOS. You can find their apps in Google play store and App store. In many cases the apps are better than their own Windows Phone apps. The average rating of the apps are good. For example if you search Google play store you can find Microsoft Office Mobile app with rating 4 out of 5. You can also find many more apps like OneDrive with 4.4/5, OneNote with 4.1/5, Microsoft Outlook Preview with 3.7/5 etc. I found Microsoft Outlook Preview also very productive app for Android and iOS. Though it was previously Acompli and Microsoft bought and re-branded this app. I hope they will make this app more better and productive in future.

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