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ARM templates

If you are using Azure to host your application then how you create resources in Azure? Azure Portal is a very good option to create resources in Azure. You can see all the options in the very user friendly interface. If you are new in Azure then Azure Portal is a very good option to start. Even if for experienced people Azure Portal is a good option for creating and managing resources on Azure visually.

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Connect Google and Outlook calendar

I was searching for some good solution for personal automation for sometime now. I am using IFTTT for some of them. But for a specific scenario I was failed with IFTTT.

I am an Android user. Google Assistant is built in there. It only works with Gmail and Google calendar. My personal email and calendar is on Outlook.com. So I can’t use Google Assistant to check my calendar events in my Android mobile device. I tried to do this with IFTTT but failed. It can’t connect with Outlook.com calendar with Google calendar.

Another nice automation service isMicrosoft Flow. It is less mature than IFTTT but I found exactly what I was finding. It has a template to connect Outlook.com calendar with Google calendar. I have added two temples. One for create new event in Google calendar from Outlook.com calendar and another is for vice versa. So now I can create new calendar events from desktop Outlook and check with Google Assistant or create calendar events with Google Assistant and can see that in Outlook. Nice integration.


Automate life with IFTTT

​I wrote about IFTTT before. It is one of my favorite service on internet. We all use many services on the internet. It is always good if we can connect those services together. Yesterday I was playing with various recipes in IFTTT. Some are those I fond very useful for my Android phone. 

First I have installed the IFTTT and IFTTT Do button Android app from Google Play Store. Then I have connected the services like email, android phone call and SMS, so that I can connect them together. 

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