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ARM templates

If you are using Azure to host your application then how you create resources in Azure? Azure Portal is a very good option to create resources in Azure. You can see all the options in the very user friendly interface. If you are new in Azure then Azure Portal is a very good option to start. Even if for experienced people Azure Portal is a good option for creating and managing resources on Azure visually.

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The new Microsoft

In last few years we have noticed that Microsoft has changed a lot under ‘Satya Nadella’. They have changed their business model from a Windows based company to a cross platform, open source and cloud first company. I have tried to summarize some important Microsoft changes in my opinion.

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Microsoft Build 2018

Microsoft Build is an annual conference event conducted by Microsoft for developers using various Microsoft technologies.

Those days are gone when PC was the only way to connect internet. On those days Microsoft was the dominating company for PC. In todays world people uses mobile phones for internet and various utilities. PC sales are declining. At the same time Windows Phone is a fail. In summery Microsoft has been failed to retain the consumer market. Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a good attempt but without mobile market those are not much use.

If you see the keynotes of this year Microsoft Build, you can understand that now they not paying much attention to consumer market anymore instead they are considering business users.

Windows brand helps them to get revenue for over 25 years. Now with declining PC sales Windows is also losing popularity. So, Microsoft must figure out the next thing after Windows and I think that will be Azure and AI.

There are some important announcements of Build this year.

  • Azure and Microsoft 365 related announcements
    • Azure IoT Edge
    • Azure Conversational AI
    • Cortana and Alexa will work together
    • Microsoft Remote Assists
    • Microsoft Layout
    • AI based meeting room
    • AI for accessibility
  • Windows related announcements
    • Microsoft Graph AP
    • Sets
    • Timeline (for Windows, Android and iOS)
    • Windows will be the second screen of Android and iOS (Inbox app)
    • WinML
    • Linux line feed for Notepad
    • New revenue model for consumer apps in Windows Store (not games and commercial app)
    • Adaptive cards in Outlook
  • .NET related announcements
    • .NET Core 3
    • Windows Forms App and WPF will work with .NET Core

Please look at the below YouTube videos for details of these items stated above.


Microsoft market share

‘Windows XP’ and ‘Windows 7’ is stable operating system. But ‘Windows 8’ is not popular in community. In case of mobile market, ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ is popular and ‘Windows Phone’ has very little market share. Microsoft currently struggling to get better market share. They are changing their work approach. They are doing open source on GitHub. They allow Linux in Windows Azure. They are giving free update to Windows 10 for ‘Windows 7’ and ‘Windows 8.1’ users. They are proving software in pure Agile based approach.

Do you think these approaches help Microsoft to get better market share in future?