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Email management

Email is the main communication system for many people in office. Personal emails like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com are also popular. People used to communicate over email more than any other communication options. Normally we need to manage multiple email accounts, one for office and another for personal. We get hundreds of emails daily in our inbox. A good email client is necessary to manage our email in daily basis. Also there are many methodologies to manage emails. What type of work you are doing with email on that basis you need to manage email. So email management is different for everyone. But there are common rules. After all you need to decide which strategy you will take to manage your email.

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Basic rules of using email

Take 5 minutes time to learn some basic rules of using email.

1. Give a proper subject that can describe your current conversation. Choose subject carefully. It can help you to find mail conversation in future.it should be short and meaningful.

2. Keep it in short. If you need more long conversation,make a call to that person. Mail content should be like a summary.

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