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Edit Outlook signature in html

When you create signature in Microsoft Outlook, you can get a visual editor for that. In that editor you can do simple text editing like bold, italic, underline etc. You can also create hyperlinks and insert pictures and few other things. But the options are limited. Imagine if you can edit Outlook signature in HTML then will it be better or not?

There is a simple trick with the help of that you can edit your Outlook signature in HTML. When you create signature, Outlook store them in ‘AppData’ folder under your user. This folder is by default a hidden folder. If you enable ‘show hidden folder’ option in Windows, you can see this folder. Under this folder you can find the Outlook signature in HTML format. Open it in notepad and you can edit the signature in HTML. Go and change the signature HTML and save the file. Open Outlook and compose a new email, you can see your updated signature.

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Basic rules of using email

Take 5 minutes time to learn some basic rules of using email.

1. Give a proper subject that can describe your current conversation. Choose subject carefully. It can help you to find mail conversation in future.it should be short and meaningful.

2. Keep it in short. If you need more long conversation,make a call to that person. Mail content should be like a summary.

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Email signature in Gmail

I wrote about email signature before. It is a text which automatically append at the end of email body. How should one design email signature depends on personal preferences. It should be short and informative. If you are sending email to someone who do not know you, then signature comes into play which is holding some information about you. There are some guidelines on what should be a good email signature which I pointed out in my previous post about email signature. Also some company has its own policy in email signatures. They use long text including company details and even company logo also. For your personal email account you can give your personal information on that. For example I use to give my personal website URL in personal email signature.

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Email signature

We usually appended signature at the end of email messages. For official mails this signatures are having information about company related like our company address, our designation etc. For personal mails we naturally put our personal information there, like our phone number, address, personal website, blog etc. But there are many people who use there signature wrongly. Some use very long signature, some put information that are not sweet able for email signature. Here are some guide lines to use a good email signature.

  • They should be short and nice.
  • They should not have a email address.
  • They should have a URL (for example your blog).
  • They should not have any link to follow your social networking site (like Facebook).

First of all email and blog is like a garden. So we should format them carefully. If we put a short and nice looking signature at the end of our mail message then it will look pretty. Do not put a email address there because our email message can be easily retrieve from the email ‘to’ section by our reader. So why make it big and confuse the person who are reading the mail. We should have a URL of our personal site, blog or some kind of profile link. Social networking site link, address these can be retrieve from our website. So we should not put them in signature. The good idea is to make a profile and put all the information which we want to give publicly in side it and put the profile link to the email signature.

At first I am also used a little long signature. But now I have made it short and nice as much as I can. My current personal email signature have my name, my work roll (what I do mainly in the earth) and my blog URL. Also I am using a two dash as a delimiter so that readers and email program can easily track my signature.

Email Signature

My personal email signature