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Nextgen Reader

There are some blogs and websites which I follow. It is hard to open those websites every day to check new contents. To solve this problem, I use RSS feed. I subscribe RSS feed of my favourite websites and in case of any new content that RSS feed reader let me know. As feed reading client I use ‘Feedly’. I use ‘Feedly’ website when I am on desktop. ‘Feedly’ has good support for RSS feed reading. I blogged about ‘Feedly’ before.

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WordPress.com reader

Wordpress.com Reader

We all know that Google Reader was a very good feed reading service. Many people used Google Reader. After the end of Google Reader many new people faced problem to read feed on the internet. Thankfully many new services come into play in feed reading market. One of the popular player in Feedly. I use Feedly and I wrote about it in my previous blog posts.

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