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Google Plus and Your Blog

As a blogger you must need a good position in Google search result. You can find many article in the internet on this topic. You should use your keywords smartly in your writing. You should use relevant category and tags in your blog post. There are many posts on wordpress.com help section on this too.

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Connect WordPress blog with Google+ profile

We all use social networking site. There are many sites in which you can keep contact with your friends and family. Share your pictures of last vacation, can post your updates, give comments to some one’s updates and many more. The most popular sites are Facebook and Twitter in this category. Google+ is the new entry in this category. Google is doing a good job to place this new service to a very good position in social networking category. After all Google has the good reputation in internet services and products. Google+ has gained a good piece of popularity in recent years. Many people starts to create profile and use this service for their social life on the web. I always like Google profile for simplicity and completeness. Now Google profile is integrated with Google+ account. I blogged before about how we can connect our blog and Google profile to create Google authorship.

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Google authorship

A good position of your blog in search engines is essential for your success as a blogger. Google is the dominating one in search engine market at present. So it is very important to hold a good position of your blog in Google search result. The most important method to hold a good position in Google result is, forget about the search engine and concentrate on to create good, useful content in your blog. You can also use Google webmaster tool to register your blog and customize how it will look on Google search result. Google can display author picture with your site on their search result. This is called Google authorship.

Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content.

There are two methods to set up Google authorship for your blog. One is through email id of your domain and the other one is create a Google+ profile and connect with your blog. Here I am talking about the second method. Because I am using wordpress.com as my host so I am not having email id in my domain, so I have used the second method.

  1. Create a Google+ profile.
  2. Place a link of your Google+ profile to your blog.
    <a href="https://plus.google.com/[your profile id]?rel=author">Google</a>

    Do not forget the rel=author portion.

  3. Add your blog link to your Google+ profile (at the Contributor To section of your Google+ profile).

To test the setup you can go to Google structured data testing tool and give your blog address. If all goes well you can see your Google+ profile picture at the search result of this testing tool. To see your picture in actual Google search result you have wait until Google recrawl your site.

Google Result

Google Result

For more information you can take a look at the Google authorship section.