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Google new logo

Google has revealed a new logo. The logo is in nice sans-serif typeface. Under new parent company Alphabet, Google is working on its branding. They have posted a new video in YouTube showing how Google home page changed throughout the journey, for not only desktop but also small devices. According to Google this new logo will represent Google as a brand and help us understand how Google help our daily work.

Official post: http://googleblog.blogspot.in/2015/09/google-update.html?m=1

Introduction video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=olFEpeMwgHk

Google app on Windows Phone

Google has many good apps for Android and iOS. But Windows Phone users are missing quality Google apps. Because Google do not release much of their apps for Windows Phone platform. But there is one app from Google which you can find on Windows Store and that is Google search. The quality of this app is good. You can search the web, images, news and videos. This app is also available for Windows 10 users. You can voice search with this app from your microphone. If Windows 10 will be a success then we can expect more good quality apps from Google.

Tweets on Google

On May 2015 Google did a blog post saying that they are including tweets in search results for mobile Google app or mobile browser. They also told that this same functionality will be on desktop soon. They updated the same blog post on August the same year. Now users can see tweets on search results on desktop.

Tweeter is becoming a good source of information. All famous people has twitter account. It is nice for the users to see tweets directly on Google search result even on desktop now. So the next time when you search for your favourite person on Google, you can expect tweets from that person directly on Google search result page. Why not try today? Let me know how you feel?

Read the official post:

Google Plus and Your Blog

As a blogger you must need a good position in Google search result. You can find many article in the internet on this topic. You should use your keywords smartly in your writing. You should use relevant category and tags in your blog post. There are many posts on wordpress.com help section on this too.

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