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Automate life with IFTTT

​I wrote about IFTTT before. It is one of my favorite service on internet. We all use many services on the internet. It is always good if we can connect those services together. Yesterday I was playing with various recipes in IFTTT. Some are those I fond very useful for my Android phone. 

First I have installed the IFTTT and IFTTT Do button Android app from Google Play Store. Then I have connected the services like email, android phone call and SMS, so that I can connect them together. 

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The full form is ‘If This Then That’. This is a web service that connects other different web services on the internet. There are two types of ‘recipes’ we can create with ‘IFTTT’. One is ‘IF’ recipe and another is ‘DO’ recipe. ‘IF’ recipe runs in background automatically. To execute ‘DO’ recipe we need an ‘IFTTT’ app for ‘Android’ or ‘iOS’.

1. Example of ‘IF’ service: If I tweet on ‘Twitter’ then post that tweet to ‘Facebook’ as a status update.

2. Example of ‘DO’: Let your family person know that you are coming to home with just a tap on a ‘DO’ button.

Read more about ‘IFTTT’ on ‘Wikipedia’:

Go to IFTTT website and explore:

The possibilities are endless.