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Shared calendar setup

I recently wanted to create a shared calendar with my wife. Since I have been using Outlook.com for a long time, I have decided to create a new one for my wife. Also it will be very easy to share calendar between two accounts which are both on same platform. Then I have created a new calendar and share it with my wife’s email id and give her permission to add, modify and delete events on that calendar. A new email has been sent to her email to accept the calendar invitation. After accepting it now we have a full working calendar shared between us. I can see this calendar to my Outlook on Windows as well as on Android.

I have added this shared calendar to my echo dot. Now we can both manage the shared calendar from Alexa like a family calendar.

Upload calender to Outlook.com

This is another very productive feature of Outlook.com. Normally you use at least one calender in your Outlook.com account. You can upload other calenders to your account. For example I have total 5 calenders in my Outlook.com account (work, birthday etc). When I log in to my account and go to calender, I can see all my calenders and events/meetings inside them. Now world cup cricket is going to start this week and I want to follow India matches. What I do? I went to ICC website and download a calender including all the India matches. Now I can attach this calender to my Office Outlook or upload to Outlook.com. After successful uploading I can get reminders of India matches like any other event/meeting in my computer or phone. You can share this calender with your friends also.

I find this little feature is very helpful. If you are using some other provider like Gmail, you can do this in same process.

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Starting with Outlook.com

Outlook.com CleanModernDesign_Web

Gmail has the biggest popularity in personal email market. Though many other email solutions are there which are not bad. One of them is Outlook.com. It has clean UI, nicely integrated with social network like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Previously it was Hotmail. I am using Hotmail and now Outlook.com for many years. My experience is not bad with this email provider. I recommend you to give it a try.

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Organizing mails in Outlook.com

I blogged about organizing mails before. We can create folders and categories to organize our mails in almost all major email providers in the internet. Like Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. Not only creating folders and categories you can also create rule to automatically organize your incoming mails. If you are using email client like office outlook, then you can also define rule to organize mails.

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We all know about Hotmail. It was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California and headquartered in Sunnyvale. In 2007 Microsoft acquired it as MSN Hotmail. Latter it became a part of Windows Live suite. In summer 2012 Microsoft converted Hotmail as Outlook.com. Outlook is a famous email client from Microsoft, so they change the name also to make consistent with their product. Outlook.com is now one of the popular web mail service from Microsoft.

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