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2015 in review

I have a personal target to post a single article in a week. I am blogging sience 2011 and never meet that target. There are four weeks in a month in average. In this way there are 48 weeks in a year (2015 has 52 weeks in total). My total post in 2015 is 49. So somewhat first time I meet my target in this year. 2015 is a good year for my blogging. I want to thank you all my readers.

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Use Windows phone for daily common work

After iPhone and Android Windows phone is the most popular choice in smart phone market. It has all the features which makes a successful operating system for smart phone. I think the only area where Windows Phone is lacking is not having enough application in app store. Though Microsoft claiming that day by day number of application is increasing, but till date it has less number of official app in Windows Phone store in comparison to Apple Store and Google play. The good news is that you can get almost all the applications of our basic daily use for Windows Phone platform and it is growing day by day.

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