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‘Twitter’ is one of the most frequent service which I use daily. I use ‘twitter’ website on desktop and ‘twitter’ official app on my ‘Windows Phone’. Official ‘twitter’ app for ‘Windows Phone’ is ok, but not like ‘Android ‘or ‘iOS’ app. Recently I switched from Official ‘Twitter’ app to a third party app called ‘Tweetium’. This app is very popular app on ‘Windows 8.1’, ‘Windows 10’ and ‘Windows Phone 8.1’.

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Tweets on Google

On May 2015 Google did a blog post saying that they are including tweets in search results for mobile Google app or mobile browser. They also told that this same functionality will be on desktop soon. They updated the same blog post on August the same year. Now users can see tweets on search results on desktop.

Tweeter is becoming a good source of information. All famous people has twitter account. It is nice for the users to see tweets directly on Google search result even on desktop now. So the next time when you search for your favourite person on Google, you can expect tweets from that person directly on Google search result page. Why not try today? Let me know how you feel?

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‘Get Involved’ is now free on Pluralsight

I saw Get Involved last week. One of the best video created by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery. Now you can see it on Pluralsight for free. This video offer nice suggestions and advice for the software developer. Every developer should watch it.  I am very thankful to Pluralsight to make it possible for everyone to see free of cost on the internet.

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Tweet Deck – Twitter client application

Twitter is the largest micro-blogging platform in the world. We can find almost all famous people in twitter. The people who want to create a public presence usually use twitter over other social network sites. It is easy to use and quick to start. Create a profile and start twitting is very simple and fast in comparison with other social network sites. There is no friend request and accept complexity. If you like a particular person or an organization in twitter, you can follow, you can read their tweet in your timeline after that.

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