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Windows 10 IoT Core

What is Windows 10 IoT Core?
Windows 10 IoT Core is a new edition for Windows targeted towards small, embedded devices that may or may not have screens.

Windows 10 IoT Core running a Raspberry Pi 2 Robot LIVE!

Video created by Scott Hanselman (http://www.hanselman.com/)

Windows 10

I wrote about Windows 10 before. Windows 10 is out now. Microsoft said that currently Windows 10 is running on 75 million PCs. They have a target to reach 1 billion PCs in one year. We will wait and see the future of Windows 10. Currently the user feedback of Windows 10 is good. If you are a genuine user of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you can free upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of its release date.

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Google app on Windows Phone

Google has many good apps for Android and iOS. But Windows Phone users are missing quality Google apps. Because Google do not release much of their apps for Windows Phone platform. But there is one app from Google which you can find on Windows Store and that is Google search. The quality of this app is good. You can search the web, images, news and videos. This app is also available for Windows 10 users. You can voice search with this app from your microphone. If Windows 10 will be a success then we can expect more good quality apps from Google.

‘Windows 10’ will be the last version of ‘Windows’?

Microsoft will release Windows 10 on July 2015. They have said that it will be the last version of ‘Windows’. So what that means? ‘Windows’ will be dead? ‘Microsoft’ will stop working on ‘Windows’?

Well the answer is ‘Windows’ will not be dead. The delivery process of ‘Windows’ to the consumer will change. ‘Windows’ will become from a product to a service. There will be no major release. Updates and new features will be pushed to consumers when they are ready.

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Microsoft market share

‘Windows XP’ and ‘Windows 7’ is stable operating system. But ‘Windows 8’ is not popular in community. In case of mobile market, ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ is popular and ‘Windows Phone’ has very little market share. Microsoft currently struggling to get better market share. They are changing their work approach. They are doing open source on GitHub. They allow Linux in Windows Azure. They are giving free update to Windows 10 for ‘Windows 7’ and ‘Windows 8.1’ users. They are proving software in pure Agile based approach.

Do you think these approaches help Microsoft to get better market share in future?