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The new Microsoft

In last few years we have noticed that Microsoft has changed a lot under ‘Satya Nadella’. They have changed their business model from a Windows based company to a cross platform, open source and cloud first company. I have tried to summarize some important Microsoft changes in my opinion.

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WordPress for Windows

At last wordpress.com developed a desptop application for Windows desktop. This is not Windows Universal App. This is an Win32 application. This means you can install it in Windows 7 also.

The app is fast and the looks is identical of the website. You will feel the website has opened in your desktop application. The application supports two steps authentication.

Now you can manage your sites, write and publish, and even customize your site and view stats from a dedicated app in your Windows Start Menu. Use it for your sites on WordPress.com, as well as for self-hosted WordPress sites. (For the latter, you’ll just need to have the Jetpack plugininstalled to connect your site.)

— wordpress.com

Read more about the new Windows desktop application here.

You can download the application here.

Windows backup

I use to backup my work in an external hard disk. The process was very much manual. I used to copy all of my work and if I need I used to restore manually. But recently I have tried Windows backup and restore process. The experience is nice. All the heavy lifting is done by the process. I can backup once in a month and it will save my backup with date. The nice thing is that, I can select a particular file, a folder to restore. At the time of restore I can also select which backup to use by date. Nice feature to use in Windows and I recommend everyone to use it.

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