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Blog with Simplenote

I find markdown is very handy and useful to write something for the internet. It is text based and easy to be placed in a source control like Git. Also it is easy to collaborate with your team member. Markdown is supported in many major places on internet like GitHub, StackOverflow, Bitbucket etc.

WordPress.com supports markdown as well but writing with markdown in WordPress.com block editor don’t have first class support. Block editor is good but not for those people who wants a text based writing experience like markdown.

One good option is Simplenote. It is a note taking app from Atomattic which supports markdown. You can draft your blog in markdown with Simplenote and when you are ready, you can copy the content and paste in WordPress.com block editor. All the formating are automatically preserved.

Read more on Simplenote here.

One negetive point which I found in Simplenote is, it don’t have a spell checker built in.

Upgraded to paid plan

I started this blog 10 years ago and since then I was using a free wordpress.com plan. Recently I have taken a paid plan which includes a custom domain. My blog URL has been changed from ‘https://arnabroychowdhuryblog.wordpress.com‘ to ‘https://arnabroychowdhury.com‘. Also there will be no unwanted advertisements in my blog anymore. I have taken the ‘personal’ plan in wordpress.com. I need to renew the plan in every two years and the custom domain in each year.

Markdown support in WordPress.com block editor

To write a blog or some page content in WordPress.com, there are two different editors. One is classic editor which is the old one and another is the new block editor. I found one thing is missing and that is good markdown support. Markdown is very much supported in everywhere on the internet like StackOverflow, GitHub. But why there is no good support in WordPress.com editor that I am not sure. You can write markdown block editor but it is lack of good support. The way they are working on their block editor and updating with new features but there is no work is happening on markdown support.

The old classic editor has good markdown support but it is old and WordPress.com is asking people to use new block editor which is not having good markdown support.

Below is some links related to markdown support from WordPress.com help.

Admin for WordPress.com

The admin section of WordPress.com is in transition phase. There are two options to do admin work today. One is the old wp admin and another is new modern looking admin section. The wp admin has all the advance options. The modern admin section is slowly caching up. In the future may be the old wp admin section will be fully merged to new admin section.

Both the option was usable until now but in a recent update now you can choose which option you want to use.