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Connect WordPress blog with Google+ profile

We all use social networking site. There are many sites in which you can keep contact with your friends and family. Share your pictures of last vacation, can post your updates, give comments to some one’s updates and many more. The most popular sites are Facebook and Twitter in this category. Google+ is the new entry in this category. Google is doing a good job to place this new service to a very good position in social networking category. After all Google has the good reputation in internet services and products. Google+ has gained a good piece of popularity in recent years. Many people starts to create profile and use this service for their social life on the web. I always like Google profile for simplicity and completeness. Now Google profile is integrated with Google+ account. I blogged before about how we can connect our blog and Google profile to create Google authorship.

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Everyone should have a blog.

The word ‘blog’ means ‘web log’. It is a log maintained by a personal, group or an organization through web. It is maintained in reverse chronological order. Weather it is a personal or group blog, you can share your thoughts, give your updates in it. Everyone on the internet should have a blog. Through this you can express yourself, what you like, what you not, what you care for etc. Persons from any field can live with a blog. Weather you are a story writer, photographer, doctor, engineer, politician or other you can use a blog. A writer see the world differently. You start to see every thing around you, every incident as a writer point of view. Continue reading